Research interests

  • Big Data: Business Analytics, Case Studies, Pilots
  • Supply Chain Management: Supply Chain Modeling & Coordination, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Green Supply Chains
  • Manufacturing & Operations: Intelligent Manufacturing, Remanufacturing, Throughput Maximization
  • Product Development: Assortment Planning, PD Flexibility, Design for Sustainability
  • Smart & Connected Systems: Monitoring, Diagnostics, Prognostics
  • Healthcare: Analytics, Operational Intelligence, Decision Support Systems, Access Management, Demand-Supply Alignment
  • Data Science: Computational Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Multi-Agent Systems, Statistics, Operations Research, Complex Systems

Research groups

Co-Director, Big Data & Business Analytics Group

The primary aim of the Big Data & Business Analytics Group, formed in 2012 with faculty across colleges and departments at WSU, is to provide R&D leadership in Southeast-Michigan in the development of highly effective tools, technologies, processes, methodologies, and algorithms to allow companies to harness the true potential of Big Data for the next wave of innovation and growth. Partnerships are in place with several Southeast-Michigan companies as well as leading vendors of Big Data tools and technologies.

Director, Supply Chain Research Group

The primary aim of the Supply Chain Research Group, started in 2003, is to develop novel yet practical tools, methodologies, and algorithms to facilitate integration and coordination in global supply chains through strategic, tactical, and operational decision support tools and agents. We emphasize a life-cycle perspective with particular consideration for sustainability. The group brings together advanced statistical and operations research methods, multi-agent systems, computational intelligence, game theory, and information theory in conducting research. A number of PhD dissertations came out of this group. Collaborations are currently in place with companies such as Ford Motor Company, General Dynamics Land Systems, Delphi Automotive, General Motors, and several universities.